Follow-Up Mastery Manual by Troy Cole

Follow-Up Mastery Manual

Action Plans, Scripts and Templates to Retain, Re-Engage and Convert Leads into Patients


“The money is in the follow-up.”

Wouldn’t it be great if patients just walked in off the street, dropped a Scrooge McDuck bag of gold coins on your counter, and said “Fix me!”
But how many times has that really happened?
Yes, some prospects will enthusiastically call, come right in for a consultation, sign up for treatment on the spot at full price, and become amazing patients.
But let’s be honest - that rarely happens. 
And this is why follow-up is crucial to turning more prospects into patients, so you can meet your volume goals.
I consult with practices all over the country, and a big part of my coaching involves building straightforward, easy-to-use follow-up strategies that work. This is exactly what I’ve created for you in this manual.

In this brief guide, you will discover Follow-Up Action Plans for the 5 most common roadblocks your prospects face on the journey to becoming your patient.

Each action plan includes the following:
  • an explanation of the scenario so you know exactly when to apply each action plan.
  • The goal of your follow-up (exactly what you hope to achieve).
  • A description of the mindset you should adopt (and the mindset your prospect is experiencing) as you work through the particular roadblock.
  • The actual scripts and notes you can use in each scenario.
  • A section called “Future Planning” that includes tips to increase your chances of success with this scenario in the future.

The following action plans are outlined in detail in this manual:

  • Follow-Up Action Plan 1: The New Prospect No-Show Recapture Strategy
  • Follow-Up Action Plan 2: Web Lead Escalation Method
  • Follow-Up Action Plan 3: Professional Referral “First Responder” Technique
  • Follow-Up Action Plan 4: The “Long Decider” Advancement Script
  • Follow-Up Action Plan 5: The Facebook Ad Engagement Approach

One final note: As a surgeon, time is your most precious asset. So this manual is designed as a quick (less than an hour), easy read so you can apply the strategies immediately and get quick wins for your practice.

Pick up your copy now and get started with these strategies tomorrow morning.

BONUS: When you buy now, you'll receive a special quick reference guide that your sales team can easily use to make sure they hit every step of the follow-up process.

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With his 10+ years of experience in medical marketing and consulting, Troy helps smart doctors across the country attract new patients across their digital, social and mobile channels.